Low temperature

Cost effective and easy solution for low temperature sterilization of heat and moisture sensitive medical tools and devices.
Unique opportunities for multiple sterilization of PVC, electronics, metal, ceramics and other materials.


We use more than 10 years of R&D experience in microelectronics to provide our customers
with the benefits of the plasma technology

Unique technology

Own R&D patented and tested plasma sterilization process technology

Fully automated

Automatic sliding vacuum door with anti-finger trap security system

Combined materials treatment

PVC, PTFE, metal, ceramics and more.

Personnel and environment safe

H2O2 plasma decomposes processing products to water and oxygen

Low temperature

The processing temperature is below 55 C°

Cost effective solution

Allows to reduce the consumption of energy and consumables



According to research by the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene (Germany) plasma allows sterilization of minimally invasive surgery instruments, including endoscopes, which opens up the prospect of 100% sterilization of instruments used in maternity surgery, operational departments, urology and other medical units.

  • Chamber size from 30 up to 150 liters.
  • Processing temperature - 50±5 C°.
  • Processing time - 25 minutes.
  • Intellectual system for determining of sterilized products.
  • Automatic remote testing system.

For Investors

We are looking for industrial partners and investors to promote and produce EQUOUS line sterilizers.
Our mission is to present benefits of the plasma technology to the wider community in the field of medical sterilization.
We use proprietary technologies to deliver our solutions on the world market (more than 85% of own developed components). Our key advantages - focusing on high value-added activities (R&D, marketing), flexible manufacturing policy with the ability to localize production in the relevant region and profitability by reducing capital spending and inventory levels.

Our current investors


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